Looking to arrange the baptism of your child?

Handing on the gift of life to your child means not only bringing them to birth but helping them grow. You want them to grow physically, emotionally and intellectually. But that’s not all we are as human beings. We are spiritual beings, body and soul. To hand on the gift of Faith to our children is to help them grow spiritually. To have your child baptised is to set them on a journey, an adventure, a relationship with Jesus. That journey will, we hope, lead them to heaven! But it also has the potential to give them joy and a firm foundation for their lives on this earth.

So Fr. Paul and Fr. Michael and the whole parish family (as well as Fr. Duggan and Fr Ryan and Sr Anne and Sr Annette and all our family members up in heaven) rejoice that you have made this decision (or at least are thinking about it). You want to give your child so much, and this is a most important gift.

So what’s next? The first step is to make contact. There are more and more ways to do this. Phone us (01706 369777), email us (paul.daly@dioceseofsalford.org.uk), Facebook us (Our Lady and St. Joseph’s Facebook page), Tweet us (catholicheywood), ring the doorbell, grab us as you see us out and about, or pop along to Sunday Mass. We will arrange an initial chat. It’s usually best if we come and visit you at home. It gives us the chance to meet the family. Don’t worry if your partner isn’t remotely religious and thinks it’s all baloney! But it’s still good to meet him/her anyway out of courtesy.

And we will help you to make the arrangements from there.

Here is the Baptism Preparation Form which we will go through when we call to see you. Please read it and reflect on it. Don’t be put off by it. We’re a friendly lot! Do have the form with you when we come to see you OR we will bring one ourselves.

Baptism new leaflet